Luigi Boccheri: Six Flute Quintets (play) B-flat, E-flat ,G and D
Jaques Ibert: Conserto for Flute & orchestra (play) tracks 5 to 7
Vivaldi: 8 Flute Concertos (play)
Debussy: Syrinx (play)
C.P.E. Bach: Concerto for Flute Wq. 169 (play)

Further listening
Music from heart (play) harp and flute


Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A-major (play)
Robert Nicolas Charles Bochsa: Nocturne for Clarinet and Harp (play)
Mozat & Brahms: Clarinen Quintets (play)
Nielsen: Clarinet Concerto (play) tracks 3 to 6


Marcello: Oboe Concerto d-minor(play) tracks 1 to 3 (includes other oboe concertos as well)
Albinoni: Concertos for Oboe Op. 7 (play) tracks 9 to 11
Vivaldi: Oboe Concertos (play)
Poulenc: Sonata for Oboe & Piano (play) includes other oboe sonatas as well


Haydn: Trumpet conserto in E flat (play)
Clarke: Prince of Denmark's March "Trumpet Voluntary" (play)
Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 trumpets C-major (play) tracks 1 to 3
Albinoni: Concerto 'Saint Marc' for Trumpet and orchestra (play) tracks 2 to 5

Further listening
Bach: Sleepers awake, Air & Trumpet consertos (play)