Welcome to spotify guide to world of classical music!

There are already many blogs, websites and playlisting services out there, but what I've seen is that they are all focused on popular music. Step into a world of tunes composted by famous composers and played by some of the best artists in the world. Classical music has its own hits and key works. This site is a good resource to start your journey to classical music!

For the start you could "Discover The Classics" (play) and see what you like, and listen more on the list here. The list is not in any particular order, it's rather randomly added when I've remembered a work or found good work to be added.


Minor updates during last days. I added also a new menu item, Movies.

Project goes on. First big update is now applied. Enjoy!
I recommend you to visit http://www.classical.net for better understanding for history and eras of music - I've included also some highlites from their basic reperoire to here.

It's easter. I recommend you to check categories and easter time music! Stabat mater, Messiah or passions of Matthew or John can be heard live nearer than you would expect in churches and stages all around the Christian nations. Here in Finland in a little town of Savonlinna we can hear parts of Messiah next saturday.

I started to build a site around classical music in spotify, as there were very little or none information available on the net for newcomer to step into world of classics. Hopefully I have enough energy to update site every now and then.


If you have ideas for site or have something to recommend, want to add something to site or just to say hello send email to petri.jarvisalo@gmail.com